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Our modern lifestyles - long sitting hours, slouching over desk/laptop/phone, long driving hours etc - continually disrupt the natural biomechanic balance of our bodies!

We are simply carrying the daily accumulating effects of this un-natural lifestyle into everything we do, including our workouts!


Do not let it accumulate! Simple!
Do not let the stress of these unnatural positions accumulate for more than a few hours continually.

We should aim to get up from our desks every few hrs during the day and give our bodies the gift of simple but essential 2-5 minutes natural movement workouts!

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What is O'Coach, really?

All of the following!

The best self-practice app for Yoga practitioners

The best self-training app for HIIT/Cardio

The most useful custom workout app on internet for post-injury rehabiliation program management

The quickest to use interval training timer (HIIT)

The most efficient personal custom workout library manager for experts

The only app that actually helps you make your workouts super effective

The only app that helps you squeeze those stretching breaks during a busy sedentary workday

The only community gameplay based fitness app

Key Features

The aim is to make it fun being active all day!

Natural movement program

  • In-built essential natural movements program to counter the ill-effects of unavoidable modern sedentary lifestyles
  • All these programs are less than 5 minutes in time and can be done anywhere
  • Especially designed to be done a few times everyday, even while at work, so as to counter those long sitting hours

Manage custom workouts

  • Create your own HIIT/Stretching/Yoga/Strengthening/Rehab custom workout plan and schedule
  • Organise and Schedule Youtube Workouts
  • Add custom voice instruction per exercise
  • Start a custom HIIT Timer and do workout in less than 20 seconds
  • Fully adjustable voice guidance settings

Daily workout campaigns/challenges

  • Receive daily notifications targeting fun natural movement programs
  • Create a custom workout plan with your friends/colleagues and get fit together
  • Participate in a new daily campaign/challenge that will keep you motivated for all day mobility

Customizable workout timer

  • Quick HIIT Timer
  • Customize length of each exercise set, rest, warmup and cooldown
  • Add a repetition counter for effective tempo training
  • Trophy achievements and streaks

    • Receive a Silver Trophy everytime you do even a single small workout
    • Get rewarded by the elusive Golden Trophy when you do 3 small workouts spread throught the day, totaling a minimum of 15 minutes
    • Proudly show your mobility/activity streak and a be a fitness hero amongst your friends

    Have fun with community

  • View workout updates from people across the globe
  • Create your own networks/gangs/groups and target those fitness goals together
  • Post your custom workout/training plan completion achievements and trophies to community and spread some motivation
  • Natural Movement Program

    Exercises that should be done by everybody, everyday despite your age or fitness levels

    5 mins! Healthy neck and back!

    Especially helps with neck and back pain if your lifestyle includes long hours of sitting

    5 mins! Quick HIIT routine!

    Studies show that a 5-minutes of HIIT workout session is much more effective than a 45-minute gym session. Test your fitness with this 5-minutes HIIT workout session!

    5 mins! Full body joint health and mobility!

    Our modern lifestyles are increasingly making our joints stiff and injury prone. Do this workout everyday to keep your joints happy.

    2 mins! Mid-day Plank routine!

    Sitting for long hours with slouched posture continuously weakens our core muscles leading to back pain, cervical, and overall body instability. Plank, a very simple exercise, if done a few times during the day, can help with many of these issues!

    5 mins! Essential conditioning routine for casual runners!

    Running is great! But do you know how easy it is to get injured? Do this workout daily to run injury free!

    2 mins! Mid-day squat routine!

    Squatting, one of the most natural positions for human body, when done every few hours, helps restore mobility and balnce lost due to modern lifestyle.

    Wise-men speaketh!

    A few minutes, every few hrs, is the key to fit and injury-free body!

    Yes, I am happy with my weight and overall health, but I am also aware of the dangers of my long hours of sitting and working behind a laptop.
    And the key for me to mitigate the effects of this stressful and sedentary lifestyle is to get up every hours, even at work, launch up O'Coach and do a quick no-equipment 2-5 mins fun workout routine!

    Author image
    Rahul Mittal Co-Founder, O'Coach

    I don't like going to gym. I just don't want to go to gym. I don't want 6-pack abs really.
    But I do want to remain fit enough to keep sitting on my chair without neck/back pain. And I think that the only manageable solution for me for the same is to get up every few hrs and break the sitting patterns with simple exercises! And O'Coach is designed to help me do exactly the same!

    Author image
    Anush Aggarwal Co-Founder, O'Coach

    My years of struggle to keep away postural problems and remain pain-free, all the while maintaining my sedentary lifestyle - occupational hazard really - ended in the acceptance that the only way to counter the ill-effects of our long sitting/slouching hours is to NOT sit/slouch for long hours, simple!
    O'Coach is designed to keep me motivated for the same by appreciating for those small movement breaks that I take during the day. I look forward every morning to win that elusive Golden Trophy!

    Author image
    Sarthak Kumar Co-Founder, O'Coach

    I am a Shivananda Yoga Certified Practitioner and Teacher. All my practice over past one decade has taught me one thing - it is not possible to keep your neuro-muscular structure balanced by doing anything for 1 hr, when we spend the majority part of the day continually re-enforcing the same imbalances due to our modern sedentary lifestyles!
    The acknowledgement of the same principle and the resultant approach to motivate everybody to do those small natural movement exercises multiple times a day is what I loved about O'Coach!

    Author image
    Komal Juneja Angel Investor, O'Coach

    O'Coach, is a fitness app with a vision to cater to the problems caused by our modern sedentary lifestyles, keeping in due consideration the limitations imposed by the same modern lifestyles!
    Simple and effective! Yeah?

    Author image
    Mukul Kaura Angel Investor, O'Coach

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